Let yourself be inspired by the Muses, Lagerstroemia species specially selected for you

Plant (of) The Future?

The Lagerstroemia, Plant of the Future? For sure!

Lagerstroemia or “Indian Lilac” is not just a plant of today, but a plant of the future. With climate change coming, we can only expect warm and dry summers. And that’s exactly what Lagerstroemia likes! These plants are real worshipers of the sun, that feel completely at home in high temperatures and dry soil. With their splendor of flowers, they bloom all summer long; real Flower Power.

Moreover, they are not only beautiful to look at, but also a valuable bee plant. They provide important food for the bees and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity

These plants are therefore not only strong and full of character, but are also future-proof.

Lagerstroemia Plant of the Future
Lagerstroemia struik

Home grown plant

The lagerstroemia, a plant with character. Our Lagerstroemias are grown here in our own country and are therefore trained to defy our capricious climate. They are specially selected varieties for our climate, which bloom faster.

So these are not foreign import plants, which are sometimes grown in a warmer climate than ours, which makes the plant more sensitive. Our Lagerstroemias are real go-getters that are not easily defeated!

Don’t wait any longer and get the Lagerstroemia now! Make your garden or balcony a real eye-catcher with these unique plants!