Lagerstroemia – Indian Lilac – Thriving For the Cooler North

Four seasons

This is what the lagerstroemia looks like in the 4 seasons (click to enlarge).

Here to stay

The selection “Muses of Helios”, in full sun, offers your garden a major eye-catcher.

The Lagerstroemia is originally an exotic plant that does well in warm areas, we offer a range of Lagerstroemia that do well in our climate.
Its breathtaking floral splendor makes Lagerstroemia a welcome guest in many gardens and terraces.

Available in white, mauve, pink or red. All Lagerstroemia are suitable as a container plant, including the varieties that grow in open ground. It is a versatile plant that produces countless full flower clusters from August to September, a true giant bouquet on your terrace or in your garden.

Lagerstroemia Eveline
Lagerstroemia Eveline met hondje

General rules of thumb

  • The Lagerstroemia makes gardening a real pleasure.
  • They are coveted plants that can count on a lot of appreciation from the enthusiast.
  • Choose the cultivar that suits you for the garden or on the patio.
    Keep your feet dry in winter.
  • Place it in the warmest and sunniest spot of your garden or patio, sheltered from strong winds.
  • Prune after the hardest frost and never after the end of July and autumn.
  • In open ground, no heavy pruning is necessary, trimming the foothills every year is sufficient.
  • Mind you, the Lagerstroemia waits a very long time to sprout. Patience is a beautiful virtue, the reward is great.
  • If it freezes harder than -15°C for a long time, it is wise to cover or wrap the plant at the bottom of the trunk.
  • Protect young Lagerstroemia in the winter for at least up to 4 years and preferably plant in the spring.

Princess of Theo – ‘Eveline’

Princess of Theo – Lagerstroemia indica ‘Eveline’ (‘LAGE01’PBR)

Lagerstroemia indica Eveline is a beautiful plant with an inspiring story. The finder of the plant was so impressed by its beauty that he named it after his granddaughter. And she sure is beautiful! Eveline blooms profusely in summer and autumn with large flowers. With its pastel-pink flower color and fresh green leaves, Eveline makes your garden shine. She is also a picture to see in terms of shape. This new Lagerstroemia also stands out because of its easy growth. Eveline is hardy to about -18º Celsius. The plant prefers to be in full sun, in moist and water-permeable soil. Eveline reaches a height of 2 meters after 10 years. A perfect choice for a shrub border or in a container on your patio or terrace! Eveline is part of the ‘Princess of Theo’ series. With your purchase you support a good cause: 10% of the proceeds from the series go to the KiKa Foundation (Children Cancer Free).

Gold for ‘Eveline’, the new Lagerstroemia indica ‘Eveline’

Florall Award Gold for Lagerstroemia Eveline The fresh, light inflorescence of the new Lagerstroemia indica ‘Eveline’ was awarded a gold award during Florall in August 2015. The jury was convinced that ‘Eveline’ ensures innovation in the range, which offers new market opportunities. ‘Eveline’ remains compact and is therefore suitable for both garden and patio. The jury also praised the fact that Nursery, with ‘Eveline’, makes a link with the Children Cancer Free Foundation.


  • Early, very rich flowering
  • Easy growth
  • Hardy to -18º Celsius
  • Large, pink flowers
Lagerstroemia princess of theo
kika kinderkankerfonds
Florall award